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Myself Abinash Sahoo. My order No is OID286294, Product name- Combo watches of Reebok and Lotto… I also sent mail to but nobody can reply on my mail.. I sent mail according to the instructions for return of the product.This product is no so good to be used. I mean that that product have lack of quality… So i want to return this product and refund of money immediately…


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  1. Mukesh Ahlawat

    My order number 1087710000317
    तुमने मेरा samsung 32GB class10 memory card नकली व खराब भेज दिया है।
    अब या तो इसको बदलो या रुपए वापिस करो वरना मैं कुज्मरकोर्ट में शिकायत करूँगा।

  2. M y name is brijesh kumar order no- ons12826
    And product 32 gb samsung nemory card .memory card is damage. Please return memory and return my cash.


  3. Myself krishna. My order no. Is OID265975 and the product is branded blade mens wear shoes which is no good. I wanted to return the product and request u to refund the money immediately.