Right Choice Home Shopping – cheating the common people

How these people(Right Choice Home Shopping) are surviving! They are cheating the common people through bank and the authorities what they are doing? Why not their bank accounts are sealed?

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    i have Deposted Rs108990.00 to Right choice home shop 011-65108356 Account by NEFT
    indusind Bank a/c#20099537727
    IFSC INDDB:0000276 Dt 27.11.2014

    Dt 25.11.2014 Rs 63000.00
    Dt 3.12.2014 Rs 45990.00

    they demand rs25000.00 as a expences then they willbe return our payment

    this is illiegal

    you are requested to seal her bank acount n Refund our amt Rs108990.00