Ritu Wears Biglife Pacific Mall – Need replacement of faulty cloth dress

Hi, I bought a dress, Brand – envy on 14th October. I was in a in a hurry, that i did not even check the dress fully and paid for it. In the hurry, I also left my debit card at the payment counter. I am a working women, I dint have time to come back to even collect my debit card hence I got it blocked from the bank. I tried my dress at home which was supposed to be worn on DIWALI. However My family member noticed that there is the cloth was torn apart form one place. Pictures of the dress can be seen in the attachment. Today I went to the store(PACIFIC MALL) again, 2 junior people refused to change the dress saying that i have done it . I want to understand How Can I in just 1 week, Tear this dress in such a way. I was then taken to the manager SUNIL VERMA. who finally decided to speak to the manufacturers. But NO REPLACEMENT till then. RITU WEARS is supposed to a big brand. My issues. First I got a faulty cloth product. Second, the dress should have been replaced there n then and you guys should have done your homework with the manufacturer in the backend. As a customer, I had to suffer, I have paid money for it. I was only made to understand that It cannot be the fault of Ritu wears as you guys are always right and i being the customer is telling a lie. It was not a gift form you guys that you will not replace it. I am really unhappy with your policies which is making it difficult for customers to come back to you guys again and trust. I want this replaced before DIWALI. — Regards, Neha


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