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Romar Overseas placement and trading corporation Quezon city cubao,

The person Carla Ocampo agent of romar overseas placement and trading corporation introduced this platform to me, and when im investing i needed to make an account @amazon for me to proceed. First its easy she say but while im in the system its said that i needed to finish the task that generated in my account after that i can withdraw my investment, but unfortunately the orders are to pricey so i ask them what to do she said i neede to top up in my account after a series of task i take the risk in terms of money because its orders are high price for me to fulfill it i gave it all after i finish all the task in my account finally she said that i can withdraw now,. But to my surprise after i do my transactions of withdrawal and im waiting for the confirmation it didnt happen. Until i ask the agent what happen, then when i go again to my account theres another task to do. How can i get back my money if the task that they given is not stopping. I invested thousands of money a hardwork money of me and my friends hoping that i can get it back. But its not happening. I contacted the customer service of the platform asking why my withdrawal is not yet on my account. She said that im the lucky system winner to do a task that its 3 choosen person in a day. Im surprise but i told them that i dont want it because i needed my money to be back at me within that day but they refused to help me. But they asking me to complete again the said task., in myself i cant take it anymore because i dont have enough money in my account anymore so i decided to get back my money but they didnt help me with it. I want your help regarding this matter. Please help me get back my money at to stop this kind of platform. Thank you.


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