Royal Twinkle Star Club – No refund of money made for two luxury hotel plans each of Rs 50,000/-.after expiry of plan. No refund of Rs 2500/- after expiry.

Reported By: Prakashjk

Contact information:
Royal Twinkle Star Club

I invested Rs 1 lakh in two luxury vacation plans offered by Royal Twinkle Star Club Private Limited in Mumbai by paying Rs 50,000 into each plan over the course of 5.5 years using checks issued by Hdfc Bank Ltd with account numbers 362385 and 080502.
For each plan, the refund following the end of the plan period was Rs. 51250.
Therefore, my total refund after the expiration period was Rs 51250 + Rs 51250, which came to Rs 10, 2500. However, I did not receive this money.

Specifically, my investment entails:
paid Rs. 50,000 at the Royal Twinkle Star Club Private Limited, 872415 enrolment number, on Vasai Road in Mumbai.
I paid a further Rs. 50,000 at the Royal Twinkle Star Club Private Limited branch on Vasai Road and received enrolment number. 872416.
Although I submitted both of these certificates when they reached maturity on June 9, 2015, I have not yet received the Rs 1, 02, 500 reimbursement that is due to me.
Additionally, I had paid Rs. 2500 for a holiday comfort plan (yearly plan).
Business associate code for their main branch, C3/enrol no. 062891, is 22/25156.
The representative was G. D. Katira.
I also turned in this certificate on time to their nearby location.

As per this plan I was entitled ro receive Rs 7500/- after the expiry of this plan But this amount was also not paid to me.


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