Rummymastergameinn – Teen patti show, by Dianna Bartos

Reported By: Deepesh Bahuguna

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Rummymastergameinn Nainital
Teen patti show –  3 Patti Online

I downloaded this game in august and started playing since early september. I lost some money so i played to get my money back then i won and thought can win more. This is their tactic they let you win so you add more and play more. Then i started playing regularly and loosing overall. I didn’t understood at that time that they have placed their players. They manipulated their game accordingly. Wherever i bet they make the bet bigger and i kept on loosing. Wherever the bet is bigger that side looses all the time. Now i saw that all their reviewers are fake. It was my fault that i played the game but if it was pure base on luck then it was no ones fault but their app is biased they never let you take money. I olayed so i can get my money back and in all this i lost 3 lakhs untill i realized that i will never make it. They won’t let me win, i texted them too but they didn’t accepted their fault. Now i request you people to take this into your hands and investigate this seriously because these people are playing with many people here, as everybody wants to earn some quick money but they don’t let you win. They have taken everything i had. I know they didn’t forced me to play but they lure us to get into their trap. I urge you to take this complaint seriously as this is very serious matter they are commiting fraud and it needs to be addressed. I want you to help me get my money back and i haven’t told my parents about this, so i request you to keep this secret.
I talked to their customer care also and many times i lost money when i won the bet, so luckily one time i took the screenshot and send them and they returned the money. I’m telling you this because they do this and can manipulate the game, you can take this into account. I would be highly obliged to you, if you could help me to get my money back. And i actually don’t know the company’s name but rummymastergameinn was the acc name to which the money used to get added. I hope you’ll take this seriously and will get my money back. Thankyou

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* Go to page
* Write Rummymastergameinn in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Rummymastergameinn.

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