SA – Products are worst dresses were teared up,and product is wrong thats not what i have ordered

Reported By: Prajakta Patil

Contact information:

The Product which i have ordered from faminafab is worst product ever.I have ordered Two dresses which were very beautiful in photos on website but when i ordered and they delievered on my address they gave us ths dresses which i have not ordered very different product and one of the dress is teared up in bad way ,no one can wear such cheap dresses its very shamefull to even look at them.
This is the worst product ever i have seen.
Its a fraud going on over here.
The website is total fraud,I request everyone to not to buy anything from these fake website.
Address:-Plot number-15 gut number:-347 /2 A pimprala jalgaon,pandurang nagar,425001
Phone number:-9324541010
I want my refund and take your product back ,worst product ever.


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