Samsun Class-10Memory Card 32GB, Model Code-MB-MSO8D/IN – Damage Product

I’ve ordered a Samsung Class 10Memory Card on 1st april2016 bt when the product delivered to me.I Found that it was a faulty piece the memory card is not working then i fill the return list on your site and your site send me a e-mail to my G-mail account said we recieved your return wish and we collect your product within 5-7days but nobody came to my house to recieved my orderd then i’m again send a e-mail to your [email protected] but again the same procedure but this time no e-mail your site is send me to get my this default order back.Now Its about 18-19days of your careless behaviour you guys doing with your customer.I’m very sad and very unhappy to purchase something with your damn farzi website.I’m adviced to all the customers please please please don’t buy anything from this website.They send you the defaulty item and then you think to return your orderd they don’t return it and your money and time is Fully waiste plz plz plz do not buy anything from this website please.

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