I Sarma from Hyderbad 2years back, I brought Samsung 32′ LCD 4-Series TV With cost of 30,000/-(Thirty thousand) after 2 years, suddenly Vertical lines are formed. I called to samsung Customer care, They told that was panel problem, to solve that charges are 14,000/-

So please dont Buy Samsung TELEVISION PLS


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  1. I bought a samsung LCD TV and have experienced similar problem. The TV screen stopped functioning and the technician came and charged Rs.1200 to take a look at it to tell me that I need to spend another Rs.13,000 to repair it. I spent Rs.60,000 on this TV and it failed within 2years. A friend of mine has bought a similar Samsung TV in the US (for half the price) and brought it to India when he moved here and his TV unit is working fine even after 3 years. It is ludicrous that Samsung sells cheap quality product in India. I wrote a complaint to the government consumer forum and they didn’t even bother to reply back (probably took bribe from samsung and closed the matter). It is pathetic that we let companies decieve us and the government beaurcracy takes care of themselves rather than watch out for the interests of the public. If any government agency were to investigate the samsung products that are being shipped in India and does an assessment of the failure rate of the products, they will probably find that the failure rate is much higher than it is in S.Kore (home country of Samsung), Japan, US, Europe, Australia,.. Just because India is branded a developing country does not mean that customers here are 2nd rate citizens to customers in other countries and global brands like Samsung can cheat/decieve customers in India (especially since there is not proper government oversight of their shady practices).