Sanjay Computers – Sanjay Computers is Fraud

I have been to this shop called ‘Sanjay Computers” at Chenoy Trade Center at Parklane, (Secunderabad) Hyderabad… well my experienced is completely different.. the boy named SANDEEP (unfortunately I carry the same name) says he is shop owner and to my surprise he was not knowing any of the products, talks rude and behaves as if customers are like his servants.. took a CPU which is 25% higher than other shop, I regretted myself for going there and not looking out at other shops.. they are fraud.. first they need to learn how to talk t0 customers, make profits but not by looting people.. I seriously recommended people not to go this shop as they charge a lot, if you go also go before purchasing kindly check with other shops regarding price then you can go ahead… good luck sanjay computers !! u NEED to improve…

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  1. Interesting how competitors play dirty tricks by saying all BS.

    Im a customer of Sanjay Computers for 5 years now.

    I live in sydney Australia and come to India every year.. Now sandeep has no idea i live abroad n all.

    But i have been buying so many gadgets from Sanjay computers every year i even get them checked at his shop. No Worries !!! Service with a smile.

    Thier small team is so passionate about helping and winning customers business by giving best sales and service.

    I recommend these guys with my personal experience over few years.

  2. hi frinds
    This is fake complaint about this shop i have been to that shop i got good service and afordable price and as the person said i think he dose.nt know about any thing … all of those who looking at this pages jst visit that shop and tak exeprience…. don.t jsut jestify on any fool person… or any thoer stupid [person… guys….
    thank you