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Reported By: Franco Fernandes

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I called the above repair services company on 22nd Feb, 2017 to repair my window AC. On investigation, it was found that the compressor needed replacement. All changes and new compressor amounting to Rs. 13,811 has been paid, attached is the receipt stating the advance amount of Rs. 5,000 & the balance amount payment made.
They bought the new compressor the following day 23rd Feb, 2017 and replaced the old compressor. We switched on the AC to ensure the working condition. I made a note of the noise that was coming out of the AC and told the services men regarding the same. They advise to let the appliance run for awhile to adjust and the noise will reduce / go away. The following day, I kept the AC on and the noise level significantly increased. I called the service company again to advise them on the situation and since they were busy, they came over a few days later, i.e. 02nd March, 2017. On checking the conditioner, they concluded they needed to change the compressor from their side and charge me the service cost and additional miscellaneous amount, to which I have agreed.
I mentioned that I will be travelling on 15th March, 2017 for a period of 03 months and this issue needs to be resolved at the earliest. I have been following up with them every 3-4 days and they response has been that the new compressor hasn’t come in. This morning again, I called to follow up and remind them that I am leaving shortly. They responded very rudely and I’m concerned that this will not be resolved before I leave.
Kindly advise what steps should be taken further.

Thanks in advance.

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