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Complaint on a fraudster who promises job on SAP and gets lakhs of rupees from poor individuals !!

There’s an online fraudster who’s promising people to get a JOB in SAP and he’s collecting a huge amount of money from 2.5 lakhs to 5.5 lakhs rupees from each individual. He has posted in many of the job portals in the name of varieties of companies namely “SAP GURU”, “Infosat Corporation”,”Pine Apple Corporation USA” and “SAP Mentors Corporation”. He introduces people with name called “Rohit Sharma” but his actual name is “Sridhar Dayal”. He’s from Hyderabad and he’s operating this so called company in a residential address. This is his no. 09899439529. Please take a look on his website, to know how much he charges. He has a whole bunch of team to operate. There are many people who has got cheated by him till now. Many out of them are too poor as they even got loan to pay him. Please take action immediately and arrest him and his team.

Thanks and Regards,
Arshad Hussain. A

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  1. Hi Brother,

    Did you paid the fee?? Even i was thinking of paying. But i didn’t convinced some how! They cheat people?

    Please reply

    Arshad Jamal