Saraf Furniture / — 3rd class company and unprofessional people

My recommendation is never buy from Saraf funitures.

They are highly unprofessional and do not fulfill orders. I placed order for 6 seater dining table on Oct 10th. They delivered only 4 chairs after 4 weeks. As per Saraf furniture 2 chairs were damaged during shipment.

After this I didn’t receive any communication from them on pending chairs. after 2 weeks I called their customer care and that never works. I mailed them and they didn’t respond. So I called their owner who arranged callback from customer care and they mentioned that they have shipped the chairs and will be available in 2 weeks. That didn’t happen. I again called their customer care and as usual there was no one to answer my calls. So I called owner Raghunath, he again mentioned that 2 chairs are being shipped today and last time they gave me wrong info. So this continued till 2.5 months and they promised me shipping of chairs at least 4 times and once they gave me tracking number also which was never delivered. So at the end of december I blasted Raghunath and asked him to provide replacement chairs, he sent 2 chairs which are of completely different design and nothing to do with my dining set. Frustrated for 3 months I tried reaching Raghunath in first week of Jan and he was not taking my call and whenever he picked my call( I called atleast 20 times in a day) there will be complete silence and he will promise me through SMS that he will call me from landline as there is problem with network.But he never called back.

So finally I asked them to refund my full amount with interest since they have failed to fulfill my order(remember they take full money in advance) and there is no response to that. After all this they have sent me picture of chairs which are supposed to have been damaged and are in their bangalore depot.

So in short their customer care never works, they will take full money in advance and there is no guarantee that they will fulfill the order. I am not even talking about the quality of their products.
If you are in similar situation call their 3rd class owner/BDM
Mr Raghunath Saraf-+919982220519
chances are he will not pick your call but keep bugging these

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  1. Murali dixitjee i also faced same problem :can we together blast the company
    My bame is rajesh4971 at the rate yahoo dot com