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Reported By: Katerina Postoloski

Contact information:
Sarah Mills +1(605)846-9067 Perth
I had some readings and it didn’t worked, they said if its not working they will return my money back.its been more then 3 months and they still haven’t return my money back not even answering on my messages or my calls.

[email protected]
I was looking for help as I was struggling at that time it was at the end of January this year so they said that if its not working they will return my money back. I was in a depression and wasn’t thinking properly and send all my savings because I was thinking they will help.i send them a message in June and asked for my money back because it didn’t worked they are not answering me, since then Iam sending messages and calling them and they are not answering. I dont know their names.i transfer money through Wise and I got some of their details on that.
Please if you can help me to get my money back. I think they are located in India because that where I transfer the money


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