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Reported By: Deeksha purohit

Contact information: Saree Sell
24, second floor, Shubham industriall,sania hemad, Surat 395010

I have tried to contact the website support Center as I have received the wrong product but they are not willing to even reply and refund my money back. The product was for 1799.

this was my last mail to them.

Dear sir/ma’am,

As your customer care is not good enough to atleast reply and solve consumer problems so I have no other option left rather than complaining against you in consumer forum for online fraud. It’s my request either you solve my issue or your company will pay the consequences.

This is not a professional way to do a business all the contact numbers are either switched off or invalid. You have blocked me on WhatsApp and didn’t even have guts to atleast reply me.

I hope to receive a reply within 12 hours.

I had ordered a product from your site few days ago but received something else I forgot my acc details hence cannot request return from there. I’ll be great full if you’ll return this product and refund back my money . I am sharing my product details with you, kindly reply as soon as possible. I have also WhatsApp you but didn’t get any positive reply.

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  1. I ordered a black Anarkali suit but i received a saree that is not useful for me.plz what to do i want to change it plz help me..

  2. sir
    plz return my product I ordered for a suit and I have been provided with only small piece of cloth which is not at least a suit materia .I did not get the product I ordered .plz help.