Satyam Fashion – extra charge on school dress

Reported By: BPS115

Contact information:
Satyam Fashion Shop No.2, Hapur – 245101, Opp.Ram Dass Mohanla, Bajaja Bazarl Readymade Garment Retailers, Hapur,

Respected sir

1. Refer to my grievance complain docket no 1440911 dated 10 jul 2019.

2. Today (10 july 2019 @ 0600 pm) i went to satyam fashion (Shop no.2, hapur – 245101, opp. Ram dass mohanla, bajaja bazarl readymade garment retailers, readymade garm contect no:[protected], [protected]) for purchase of school dress for my son which is studying in saraswati bal mandir hapur. Satyam fashion told the charges rs 750/- for pent and shirt. And as per his computer system total is showing rs690/- for the same. I told him why 60/- rupees more. He said that is my service charge and school manager, principal also takes commission, then how will i profit?

3. Than i told i will not pay, then he told me get out from my shop and go purchase from other shop. Because he is know this dress is not available in other shop.

4. School has declared dress after one month opening of school. School told to all students dress is available in satyam fashion only. If purchase on other shop school will not accept dress, and school will mark a without uniform.

5. Lastly satyam fashion not gives me school dress for my son. He threatened that i can remove your son name from school. of above, i request you please takes necessary action at the earliest. School also will harass my son for dress.

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