SBP – Urgent Complaint: Severe Mismanagement, Deception, and Mental Harassment by SBP Builders

Reported By: Dorthi Pahwa

Contact information:
SBP mohali

I am writing this to express my profound disappointment, frustration, and deep concern regarding the intolerable delays and deceptive practices I have experienced in relation to the possession of my property. The purpose of this is to bring to your attention the numerous grievances I have encountered, which require immediate resolution on your part.

When I initially booked my flat on December 31st, I was assured by your sales representatives, Mr. Mishra and Mr. Ravindra, that SBP Builders is a reputable brand known for delivering possessions on time. However, it has become painfully clear that these were empty promises and that your words were nothing but bluff and deception.

Despite your repeated assurances, the possession date has been continuously postponed without any concrete explanation or timeline. Initially, you mentioned that the lift would be operational by the end of January, then mid-February, followed by the first week of March. However, we are now in July, and the lift is still non-functional, leaving me and other homeowners in a state of complete uncertainty.

Moreover, the promised possession date of March 31st has been consistently pushed back, with subsequent promises of possession in May, June, and July, without any firm commitment. The lack of transparency and accountability on your part is appalling, and your failure to even offer a sincere apology for the delays adds insult to injury.

I am deeply disappointed by the unprofessional conduct exhibited by SBP Builders during the documentation process. Initially, you provided my papers significantly late, causing unnecessary delays and inconvenience. Furthermore, the discrepancies and false commitments made by Mr. Mishra regarding the loan terms have shattered my trust in your organization. The inconsistencies between the promised 8.8% ROI and the actual 9.8% mentioned in the loan documents are unacceptable, and your attempt to cover up this mistake is deeply concerning.

Furthermore, the imposition of an unjustifiable fine of 80,000 INR due to your own mistakes and miscommunication is outrageous. You assured me that this fine would be waived if the loan approval came through at 9%, yet you have reneged on this commitment, leaving me to question your integrity and fairness as a builder.

Adding to my growing list of grievances, the promised closed parking space was not mentioned in the official letter, despite your earlier assurance. I have been continuously seeking clarification and the necessary paperwork, but your delays and lack of communication on this matter are unacceptable.

I must also address the threatening letters I received from your end, stating that you would file a case against me for delayed payments. It is shocking that you would resort to such tactics when the delays and mistakes have been entirely your responsibility. This type of behavior is unprofessional and indicative of a lack of respect for your customers.

Furthermore, you had promised compensation of 10% per month if the possession is delayed. However, I have yet to receive any compensation, and the lack of communication and transparency on your part has only exacerbated my financial burden. I am currently juggling both the home EMI and rent, which has put an enormous strain on my financial resources. This situation has caused immense mental harassment and stress, leading to my father’s depression and severely affecting my ability to support my family, manage my education, and fulfill my professional obligations.

Lastly, the complete disregard for my requests regarding modifications to the flat, including tile and ceramic selections, relocation of the kitchen washbasin, and removal of a wall, is highly disappointing. Your representatives were supportive during the sales process, but now they claim that these matters are beyond their control. The lack of follow-through and communication on your part is extremely disheartening.


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