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Sernexuss Management and Services Pvt Ltd fake/fraud/fake reviews kerala

Sernexuss Management and Services Pvt Ltd fake/fraud/fake reviews
Third Grade Fraud Company
Please I am advising you all people who are going to start their process with Sernexuss Management and Services Pvt. Ltd. This is one of the best fraud companies in India; I am surprised that after so many complaints Neither Indian Govt and Nor Police department is taking any actions against them. It happens only in India
There are few things which totally prove that Sernexuss is a big Cheat, Once you open the website of Sernexuss nothing is mention about their Owners and the Highest authority it seems n one is going to take the responsibility of the company and friend think about this if you have paid for your process whom you going to blame for this , I guess no one there is no one in the picture.
Secondly they will provide you a registration number of Ministry of corporate affairs, Here they will make fool of you because Ministry of corporate affairs (is an Indian government ministry. It is charged with administering the The Companies Act, 1956 and other acts related to Indian private sector. It is responsible mainly for regulation of Indian enterprises in Industrial and Services sector) and it has nothing to do with immigration and its registration you can take with only 15-20000 INR.
When i go deep into that shit I found Sernexuss is not at all registered with Immigration Authorities like MARA in Australia and ICCRC for CANADA, You can visit their sites to find out the genuine Agent.
They are fully advertising that we are the best immigration consultants from the past 10 years and the most funny thing is that the registration number they have mentioned is of 2018 and it has currently expired , So I mean to say it’s not a company which is running from past 4 years.
Once you pay them they will provide you a piece of crap which they call a legal service agreement believe me guys on that agreement everything is against you and after a certain point of time that time is only one week after the payment they stop attending your calls and will provide you a lot of excuses like he/ She is in meeting or he/she is not available and the best excuse is of medical leave. So think 1000000000 times before you start putting your hard earned money into that shit.
If you are really keen to go abroad and looking for Permanent residence you can file your visa on your own until and unless you are dam illiterate to fill up certain form ohhh come on guyz you are not living in a stone age and you are not unaware of technology, everything is online now a days , you don’t need these fucking piece of crap consultants. You can visit respective govt websites to take full information,,,
God has saved me for wasting my money but he cannot save my friend and he has wasted 120000 INR on these bastards for Canadian PR Visa and now he is in DEBT. So kindly don’t accept a single call from Sernexuss Management and Services Pvt Ltd
They are not only wasting your money they are wasting your time also and most important they are playing with your dreams..
This is my heartiest request to Indian law , Kindly take into this matter as your priority and shut down these companies As soon as possible to save other millions of innocent people.
All I want to say is, Not reliable, Trustless. All they wanted to seethe the Money from People. I would strongly suggest to everyone don’t go through this Company for any visa. Don’t please towards any abroad opportunities through this consultancy service.
Be aware that’s it all I want to say.
A responsible Indian Citizen


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  1. We appreciate that you took this much time and effort in drafting this long feedback on an organization without knowing much about the organization you have mention lot of things which we also didn’t know about our organization.

    Although, this kind of feedback is not what our organization deserves, but would like to give an explanation on your allegations on your good organization. The points mentioned by him are totally baseless. To operate a business in India we have to be registered with the Ministry of Corporate affairs which we did back in 2018. Since then our company has been active and working properly. We are associated with a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant which is on the panel of CICC. Miss Yi Han is an RCIC certified immigration Consultant (RCIC-R511136). We were having Mara lawyer on board as well but due to visa restrictions for Australia we are currently not associated with the Mara lawyer now. We will definitely get Mara on board as soon as things open up for Australia.
    As being a trustworthy and genuine company we have an organizational chart on our website where you can see the details of RCIC along with Owner of the company and senior management with photos. Our senior management has experience of more than a decade in the industry. We have offices in NCR and Bangalore operated by experienced management. We have many success stories and are open to share with the applicants.
    While offering the services we sign the agreement between Company and applicant where we mention all the terms and conditions. Prior to sending the agreement we explain the process to the applicants and make them aware about the process. We assign experienced case managers to the applicants and direct contact details of senior managers in case of any lack in the services. We believe in customer service and believe in the same. We have a high Google rating due to the efforts we put on the cases.
    We recommend each individual to dig into the process and check the details before putting such remarks about any organization.