SGR consultancy – MBA marksheet not received

Hi, My name is Ramya Rajan Acharya, and my friend Ben-Aroh benedict Opuzi has taken his exams from SGR consultancy from EIILM college, and he was suppose to receive his certificates by August and he has not received it yet, he is a foreigner and i’m an Indian, this is really bad. I feel so embarrassed because of this, and he is leaving India very soon in a month or so and this marks card is very important to him, i have all the bills given by the company. I have tired calling the concerned person so many times but he never responds, i’m so helpless, i dont know what i have to do, please if there is anyone our there who can help please help me. Please this is a very serious problem. Here are the contact Numbers of the employees working for Eiilm through SGR. 1. Subramani- 8553662115 2. Poornima- 9738465732. Please help me, i dont know what i have to do now, this is getting really bad, Im restless and peaceful.

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