– my order update

Reported By: Shaanu

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SMARTWATCH BUILT-IN SIM AND CARD BLACK SMART WATCH is what i have ordered from this portal and the webiste has deliverd me a cheap watch instead of my smartwatch. The website is from delhi and email id is from where i am getting no reply for my query and Phone no is +91 9582682511 which is no reply. Help is need in this matter and quick action is expected for getting my smartwatch or refund of money asap.

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  1. This company also did fraud with costumer and they are unable to solve customers problem. Their employees didn’t speak well with us.

  2. This company is a fraud company do not get involved with the company at all please stay aware biggest fraud company this is

  3. Fraud!!! Fraud!!! Fraud!!! Biggest fraud company I have ever seen. Delhi police must take immediate action on this. I spent a lot of money on this site to get products but it has been a year I got nothing. They do scamming and loot money from peoples in the name of LED TV, iPhone X and computer.

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