shopcj – Lava V1

Dear Sir,
I am a customer of your phone model V1 Smartphone speaking from PURI,Orissa for getting justice regarding service of the phone .

That I had purchased the phone on 28.02.2016 from ShopCJ (online marking company) . I may mention here that I was an avid fan of SAMSUNG MOBILE and had purchased many phones of that brand from the various store . Although my intention was to buy Samsung mobile , I changed my mind by viewing the new model and though Lava is an Indian company ,our emotions are there. lets make a trial , I eventually bought the phone . It was meant to be gifted to one of my fastidious relatives .

That the phone showed defect on same day when I receive the phone as its Applications are showing defect, cant be downloaded in that phone. A new phone giving such defect within from first day my buying had to force me to repent my decision of shifting to LAVA . Willy-nilly I handed over the phone to your service centre, Puri and got service request form on that date .

That i requested for a DO as the product gave defect from first day , but to no avail . All were seemingly busy and not in a responsive mood . They handed over to me the SR after procrastinating for around 5/7 times everyday and making me telecommunication with LAVA service and ShopCJ in every hour.

That since then the rest seems a historic fight with the service centre seller to get a new phone as DO. They told me to have patience. Needless to say that till date, I am yet to get the phone .Now that phone is in your service centre of Bhubaneswar.

Is this the service expected from a phone manufacturer to a customer at this era of competition when each day a new manufacturer coming to the scene ? Should I call myself a proud owner of a Lava mobile or talk to my friends that I actually hold phone of a National company whose service is up to the International standard ?

I request you to make immediate intervention and provide me a solution and justify my intention of switching from Samsung to Lava .

I enclose to this mail the scanned copy of purchase bill and service request sheet to corroborate my talkings in the aforesaid lines.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,

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