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Reported By: Samyak

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When I first signed up with Shopee91, they gave me a task that said that if I gave them a five-star rating, I would receive $100 in cashback. They then gave me a merchant task order, which they said would allow me to withdraw money successfully. After I finished the merchant task, they gave me my money back, and when I called them, they didn’t answer.

They gave me the address where the receptionist said you would receive a merchant task order pertaining to bitcoin (BTC) once the payment was completed successfully.

That was all I had done when they informed me that we would have to wait three minutes for a settlement and that I would need to choose between bitcoin and US dollars.

After I chose bitcoin/USD, they informed me that I would need to redo some repairs that would have cost about $24,000. I told them I couldn’t afford to do that, so they froze the entire amount.

Following that, I tried to persuade them every day via Telegram and I also went to the office, but they informed me that there was no such company here and that it was instead related to tourism.

I sent them a message, but they didn’t respond, so I asked for assistance.


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