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Hi I received an email for a mobile contest. I participated and didnot win, Rs 500 was credited to my account in So i purchased shoes ,paying some amount extra to 499. Your shophunk Transaction Number is572303 Now its been over 10 days but i have not received my order. The website looked professional so i trusted it, Now i tried emailing them thrice and calling their customer service number. But heard no responce. Website shows following address:- Customer Care: 08067683698 (9:30 AM to 7:00 PM) Enquires: Address: Seajin Technology # 2/1, 1st Floor, JC Industrial Estate, Yelachenahalli, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore – 560062 Please help. Anjum

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  1. Dear Sir / Maam,
    My name is VIVEK KUMAR, living in UTTER PRADESH and am working with a MNC.,
    On 16.10.2013 wednesday, I have visit the website, and check out a contest,
    “Apple iphone5 for rs. 699” and participate on the contest,
    I have paid Rs. 699 through my citibank credit card transaction id is “date: 16/10 1001310004709928
    Gateway: TimesofMoney PUNE Amount: 699.00″, and my shophunk transaction id is
    ” 659312″
    After payment on that website displayed like “Thank you for participating in contest, You have
    successfully registered for shophunk contest. We will be updating you on the result by email. Rs.
    699 has been credited to your account. Your username and password has been sent to your emai
    They have given contact number “08067683698” and email id “”
    But after registration i didnt received email such username, password, and about my product
    delivery detail
    There is no more link available on that site to ligin and check my account
    The given contact number and email id is totally fraud
    Kindly take a necessary action, my request is if they are fraud kindly close and restrict and
    ban the website and kindly save the money of people in future.

    1. Shop and are cheaters as both these company’s are of the same Management. The offers are same in both the websites.

      Never ever order anything from these two portals,or else you will be yourself responsible for the loss.

    2. raghunath bhattacharya

      Shophunk.Com Complaint Resolved: ” I am very happy for the good response from Akosha for my shophunk case ”

      I am Raghunath Bhattacharya, I saw a contest from Shophunk.Com for mobile phones. I visited their site and took up their contest for samsung galaxy S3 with nexus brown dial watch for Rs 899, i’ll win the contest I will get samsung galaxy S3 with nexus brown dial watch otherwise the money will be refunded to me. When i tried for the first time, i got no response from that site and second time, twice amount of Rs 1798/- was cut from my credit card account. I called the Shophunk.Com Customer Care who told me that i must have clicked twice hence the money was deducted two times. They suggested me to purchase another product and that amount will be adjusted with my new product amount. After that i purchased a nokia mobile phone for Rs 9200 + 350/- with shipping charges. But my previous amount of Rs 1798/- was still not adjusted with my new purchase (nokia mobile phone 9550/- ). The shophunk Customer care told me the same thing again and again and insisted that did not recieve my credit card amount ( 9550/-) but when i called my bank customer care they informed me that Rs 9550 was deducted from my account.

      I got to know about Akosha through the internet and filed my Complaint against Shophunk.Com. Akosha team immediately responded to my problem and helped me get my refund.

      I am very happy for the good response from Akosha for my shophunk case. I am very thankful to entire Akosha team and would recommend this to my friends and relatives.

      I would rate 5 out of 5 to Akosha for its service.

      Thanks & regards,
      Raghunath Bhattacharya

      1. Ajay Kumar Sharma

        Dear Raghuji, I have booked some dresses from shophunk last week but till yet there is no responcse from shophunk and team. You have mentioned that Ashoka and his team has helped you to resolve you shophunk issue.

        Can you please help to get the Ashoka and his team details so that I can consult with them for my Issue.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Ajay Sharma

      1. P Sanjeeva Reddy

        Hi, even my self i have faced same problem and this is my first and last mistake….so i request one and all…..we should educate some other guys by giving our comments on Shophunk website so that, at least they would not be in their trap.

    3. Mr.Vivek Kumar, Thank you very much for this comment. This comment has helped me to know that I am not the only one, and it will help a lot of people to be warned from such fraud.

  2. Pushpen Sahishnu

    I have participated in Shophunk Contest on 13th September 2013 on for Samsung Galaxy S4 + Ensured Complementary Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 16GB.

    The result of the contest is announced on 2nd October 2013 and still they have not dispatched Free Samsung galaxy tab 3 16GB. They have given me every time different reason and postponed dispatch date.

    Now, they say they do not have in stock and they may send some other product. I have asked for the full refund but they denied.

    Please tell me how can I resolve this problem.

    I have tried to all below numbers but every time they fool me….

    Customer care number: 080-67683698
    another mobile number which they called me..9035002226
    they tell he is the manager but don’t sound like a manger by name anand : 9342922214

    1. Hii…..same problem is with me rite now…..we are trying to contact them again and again but NO REPLIES..just an Auto-mated mail reply and register your call……….BUSLLSHIT !!!!!!!

      These ppl sucks……..they are fraud……….BIG ***** !!

      Forget you money………they will never return it !

  3. Shophunk is a fake website…It looks exactly how we use other online portal to order or purchase online… But its really a fake one… I got cheated already…. I order fasttrack watch…amount deducted from acc rs 1900… They not refund it…and I not received my watch… 🙁 please be alert guys..

  4. i have received an email to participate in samsung contest, but i didn’t win, so they credited Rs.799/- in to my account. for that i placed an order for ORPAT OHM -207 blender – 1no. under transaction no.729503 on 6th of November 2013. but till date i have not received my consignment. as well as i sent many emails no response. when i called on saturday 08065476384 they said that they will despatch it on 18th November 2013. for the past two days their number is switched off. Guys/Girls dont place order at they are cheating the people.

  5. i have received gmail on 29.12.13 win samsung with5 step you will pay only Rs.899/ i will pay %Rs899/ on SHOP HUNK online purcase center Tr id No.1199006 further any inpermation cotact customer care 0867683698 but no any responsible ? one more delivery contact no 9840508620 kartick get pone he told i dont any receive delivery ? shop hunk is frouded company web side

  6. hai guys. On going through your comments, i think i am also cheated by this shop monkeys. i have participated in mobile contest and sent Rs.599/-. Immediately i received a mail congratulating me for my foolishness and branded me in transaction id 1100777 during December, 2013. but till date i never received any communication from them. Even the numbers given are not able to be contacted. i think we are just jumping in the well with darely opening our eyes. let god save us.

  7. कोइ चु*या होता हे तो इत्ने कम दामो मे मेहेंघा मोबाइल देगा
    हा हा हा हा हा हा

  8. pradeep kumar hota

    hi, guys i received a email from shophunk contest. then i paid 699 rupees, then no reply to this order go to my home. then i take severe action to this shophunk company. please send Rs 699 to my account.

  9. Hello friends, I too received mail from shophunk and participate in context,and later informed that I won Iphone 5 for Rs 699 /- by saving of rs 44000/- I tried to send money through direct debit to my account, but somehow they rejected the transaction and try after sometime, I made a call to 080 67573698 and asked whether it is real or not they replied it is fact and we may send article through courier service on cash on delivery condition. I have to see , what will they do?

  10. my name is durgadevi…i have seen f the website shophunk…this is most wrost one and this was cheated me…am not receivng any mail from this website..i lost my money also…11 days complited…bt i did’t receive any mail from shophunk website…

  11. plz send my money as early as possible…am durgadevi…am participated in shohunk contest and this eas cheated me…so plz refund my money…

  12. Abhi shophunk ko ₹ 7999 payment karne se baal baal bachi. I have got a mail from direcpay, if i reply they will confirm my payment to shophunk. I didn’t… Let me know if anyone else got such mails after entering all payment details! This is funny!. Never had to reply on mail to confirm online payments

  13. Rs.799/ debited as per shophunk transaction ID 738661 on 7.11.2013. Thats it, then silence … When I called, they said you can buy something using this amount. So, I bought an item and again transferred some extra amount as per order 1701549 dtd 6.2.2014. Ends with that. No further communication. Never again I will not attempt to buy anything from this site.

  14. I also got the mail from shophunk but i thought just have a look at google about shophunk.
    Then I saw ur all comments…………………
    I am really thankful to u all for the awareness.
    It will help people to beware with this kinds of site.

    Thank u very much again.

  15. One needs to be very cautious while shopping online.. Even I got the mail and I was shocked on following the steps and getting to know that I won a s4.. But I decided to snoop around a bit.. And here I am! I’m so glad I decided to check up on the reviews of the site and save myself from being duped..!!

  16. i am also got some phone call from They said we send u courier within 7 working days in that i will send u a unique code if u got a any phone call from shophunk we have to tell this unique code them for that we have to pay 965 / – some galaxy phone the cost of this phone i do exactly but original cost is 40000/-

  17. LOL Indian’s are Idiots! How dumb are you indians? I thought Indians were smart. You all thought you could get 40000 device for just 600 bucks? Damn you’re all the dumbest people alive. Kill yourself before you breed! Well done Shophunk! is a test your stupidity morons website and you all indians won and proved you’re all stupids

  18. hai friends,

    just now i have got some mail from announcing that i won an apple iphone 5s for 699/-. i got surprized and went through the website. the website was really convincing. but before making my payment i just searched in google. then i got u guys experiance which helped me not to make payment and get cheated. take it as an advice dear friends. try to find out the frauds and not to be will be much best. be alert and stop complaining. choose only cash on delivery options for online shopping. don’t let anyone to play with your mind. think twice before you do anything

  19. guyzzzz even i got the same message on 17-3-2014 saying that i won samsung galaxy s4 for rs699 tell me what to do????????

  20. so only we hav to take the address of the company which is in kankpura and all of them should rush at once pull those people to the consumer forum so that we can get our money back and thanks to you guys becoz i was about to place an order now but after reading your comments i stopped it…thank god

  21. Hi frndz me 2 cheated in this fake web site . In my gmail account i got so many mails . 1 day i participate in the contest and i pay 899rs online. Bt aftr 1 month i got mail “congrats u got some special gift select ur gift ” and select 1 gift box bt they say pay other cash to get this and get into the contest and i dont no whts going on and where is my money. i dont know !what the fck is this

  22. I received a email from shophunk contest. then i paid 699 rupees, then no reply to this order go to my home. then i take severe action to this shophunk company. please send Rs 699 to my account.

  23. shop hunk is a fraud site. sir you are requested to suit a file against that company. because they fraud so many peoples. you have to punish them

  24. Thanks guys for posts, even I got this mail but just verified to know wat is it. So am not gonna fall for it.

  25. These shop monkeys should be brought to justice. aren’t there any source to locate these monkeys. so friends don’t go after online shopping and never pay a penny before hand unless you get your product. make it cod (cash on delivery). thank you for copetating in advance.

  26. Hai friends your comments usefull to us.some rouges are like this type of emails. Dont believe this mails.


    I Saubhagya Kumar Sahoo say, Rs 699/- debited my account through my visa card.Phone call came that samsung mobile is not won by me but my money will be credited for buying some other items.But that is totally fraud so pl do not purchase any items through shop

  28. Dear frends its rahul when u got mail from shophunk web dnt make a paymant option becuse its website one of the biggest fraud online shophing website in bangalore ……. They are all workers maneger ceo all are cheaters. And its like cureption becuse i will spend my valubale 9999 money i will call to theyr custemer care bloody busted he is putting my call hold for long 2 hours ….ther is no doubt its my humbel requst dont belive its ……….blody bulsit company………..

  29. Excuse me guys , Wake up …. First you people change … World is filled with fraudsters , even you know that . But a minimum common sense , a samsung , apple or any other brands for just 699/- , you dont you think twice its a fraud or not . Even the company will not give a mobile as a gift for such a cheap price . You buddies .. wake up … dont try to get everything for damn cheap n later cry that they are fraud , save yourself from u

  30. websit foolish website. we all are cheated from this website. its ok. but we can do something in future. no one can cheat by if anybody knows, pl help others. i have one idea, all are using so that if we give comment on google website. from that all the people can know the cheating details from shop hunk. all are safe.

  31. Dear Sir
    Maine Samsung Galxy S4 l9500 Pay & Get To Win Order Kiya Tha Ye Deliver Mere Pass Kab Tak Pahuchegi
    Order ID 3904894
    Contact No 9811719507


    Hi my problem is the same I played shophunk Rs.699/- for Iphone contest still they did not gave me anything information. Please can anyone help me to resolve my problem

    1. Hi my problum is the same I pay Rs.699.00 to shophunk on 24.09.2014 throuh CANARA BANK for iphone contest stiil they did not me anithing me to resolve my problum.

  33. Hi my problem is the same I played shophunk Rs. 699/- for win Iphone still they did not give me anything information. Please You can anyone help me to resolve my problem.

  34. Hi my problem is the same I played shophunk Rs. 699/- for win Iphone contest still they did not give me anything information. Please You can help me to resolve my problem.

    1. Hi my problem is the same I Played shophunk rs. 699/- for win iphone still they didnot give me anything information. Please You can help me to resolve my problem..

  35. vijendra pal singh


  36. We will combine and destroy the add your mobile numbers to this site….and we will make a serious discussion to finish them for cheating us …We youngsters have the power to do it…..lets make a step to save our people

  37. Thank you guyz for giving an important information… we should beat HOPHUNK’S co-founder candy ass..believe that .

  38. i deposit Rs.699.00 to shophunk on 24.09.2014. from my a/c throug CANARA BANK for apple i phone.but I not recd. the phone pls. return my money immdiatly.