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Reported By: Anil Santal

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Dear Sir,

I had purchased iphone 6 from shopmonk website in May 2016 for an amount of Rs 44,000. In September 2016,My phone got damaged with water but i was successful in making it dry and it started working normally in few days. but it was not detecting SIM, therefore, i initiated software update as advised by iphone telcon on customer service.

After initiating software update, my iphone went into wire mode (showing wire which is to be connected with laptop for software update).

I went to iphone service centre at Delhi and Kaushambi and i was informed that iphone can be replaced with the payment of Rs 15000- Rs 20000.

Meanwhile i contacted Mr. Rajesh of Shopmonk website in September 2016 and requested for his advice and help. He advised me to send my iphone to his centre at Bangalore for repairing and replacement option. Believing and trusting the website, i sent my iphone with the hope of repairing or better offer of replacement from their side. since they are reputed website and having good knowledge and understanding of products they sell on their website.

Shopmonk took three months to reply after my rigorous follow up with them on emails. I received a reply that motherboard is completely damaged and cant be repaired.

firstly, i dont believe that motherboard of my iphone is completely damaged as my iphone was working fine but was nt detecting SIM. therefore, some part can be changed to make it functional as they had undertaken the task of repairing.

but they came with a complete wrong finding, which i did not believe but requested them to provide a remedy. after that i was informed on 2nd Jan 2017 that iphone can be replaced but with the cost of payment as Rs 30,000; WHICH IS VERY HIGH as compared to iphone SERVICE CENTRE.

My complaint is regarding UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE followed by Shopmonk website wherein they are charging very high amount from Customer for replacement of iphone, which is not charged by iphone service centre. They are trying to take advantage of the situation as my iphone is opened by them (which was under warranty of 1 year) and now giving me an option of replacement by payment of Rs 30,000, which is HIGHLY UNREASONABLE.

now when i will take my iphone to service centre then they may not change/replace my product as iphone is further damaged by shopmonk service centre by deriving original parts/damaged warranty of 1 year. currently i do not have option of going to apple service centre and repalcement. I m left with the ONLY option of paying Rs 30,000 to shopmonk and get it replaced.

As i have already spend Rs 44,000 on this iphone and they are expecting me spend further Rs 30,000 which will not be acceptable to any reasonable person.

Request for action against shopmonk regading UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE and provide me remedy in the form of Rs 50,000 which i have incurred due to defective repairing and unfair trade practice of shopmonk. And Rs 50,000 for undergoing mental agony for loss of expensive iphone within a year of purchase.

Deepika Singh


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