– My Fund has been stucked

Reported By: Hadiza Rabbebe

Contact information:

I was asked to pay 149,718 Naira to pay off my task so that my funds can be cleared, but instead I payed 149,500 Naira, and the finance staff asked me to pay another 149,178 before my tax will be paid off

How to file a complaint against

* Go to page
* Write in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from

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  1. Jesus Christ! These people have gone really far ooo😭😭😭. Something needs to be done asap💔💔😭😭😭😭

    1. You should search onlineworkfraud page on FB same happened with me I was fortunate that I got my money back. On that page you will get support