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Reported By: Virendra

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Shopping Bazzar Money Transfer Fraud Hello, This is Virendra Thummar and i can be reached at 9662228987. On Thursday , 16th February 2017 i have received the call from the girl from Shopping Bazzaar initially mentioned to me that this call is from “ICICI Bank” and mentioned that i have not redeemed the points on ICICI Bank debit card so as a gift she will be providing me shopping card, holiday voucher, cash back, brand watch and sun glasses. Later she transferred the call to someone and he asked me about my bank account number and then asked about 3-digit verification code on the back of the debit card, which i have provided to them. Received the OTP code for the transaction process. By seeing this message in my cell i was shocked but still i have given to them that as well. I have always asked that why you are asking for these information as no banks asks over the phone or email and asked about if they are not debiting any money from my account and the He said that it’s absolutely free and your account will not be debited and told me that these details we are taking for verification purpose. Trusting them as the person from ICICI Bank i have given those information. Finally an amount of rs. 9999 has been debited from my account at the same time i was speaking with them. I asked about why they debited the amount without asking me and then they mentioned that they are from third party Shopping Bazzaar and not from icici bank. When the amount was deducted i asked to cancel the transaction and refund my account immediately by rs. 9999. He mentioned that it wont be possible and he had provided to me his manager’s number and his name is Hardik Patel. His number is 07550680542 . Have spoken with him and told me to drop an email to him to cancel the order. I have sent the email and received the complaint number 650140596473166. Hence, he gave me the false promise that to receive the order from courier boy. Then he told me to call him back once i receive the that he will send a person who will collect the courier from me and they refund my money to my account. Since 5 days i haven’t received any courier and the numbers of customer care are switched off. Also Hardik Patel’s number is not reachable as well. These people are fraud and they are doing open looting. Please help me to punish such frauds and save others to be a victim like me. It’s my big mistake to share such accounts and OTP information. Its an appeal to please help me and get me my lost money and punish these by imposing on them heavy fine so no one dare cheat anybody.

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