Shrimal Baba – Cheater / fraud – Shrimal Baba 9873064466

Shrimal baba of delhi having contact number 9873064466 , who claims to solve the relationship problem with in 3 days, is a biggest fraud. He is operating under two main websites: and He has recruited some agents for this fraud. They will answer your query online. This Shrimal baba is running this business in delhi having turnover of more than 50 lakhs. He makes false claims and once you deposit money in the account mentioned by him, he will not answer your call. The a/c no. 32146840822 is in the name of Shobhit Srivastava and this account is in State bank of India krishna nagar branch. Previously he has cheated many people after convincing them to deposit money in the account of Anjali Saxena having account in PNB. I dont know how many people falls prey to his false promises. This Shrimal Baba is cheater and swallowing the hard earned money of people who are already in tension due to relationship problem. After that, this Shrimal baba is sprinkling pepper on the wounds. i pray to God to give him harsh punishment and teach him a lesson so that he may never dare to cheat anybody.

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