Sify Broadband – Horrible service!

Supposed to be India’s largest ISP if I’ve heard right. Truth is, I’m shocked these guys still run a business! Its a complete sham. I have a 4 MBPS unlimited connection that’s supposed to be fully on at all times. Far from it! Its down multiple times a day, speeds barely go above 1 MBPS even at midnight and in the 3 odd months that I’ve had this connection, I’ve seen about 3.5 MBPS all of 4 times for a few minutes. The attaches screenshot is was taken at about 1:30 AM. Customer care is pretty much useless and completely unprofessional. Empty commitments and repeated failures on Sify’s part to do anything about it have left me in a limbo. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM SIFY AS POSSIBLE. I’m disconnecting this POS service and going for a local fiber broadband service who seem to be umpteen times more reliable and actually provide the speed you pay for! You’ve been warned. I’d award them negative turd stars if it were possible. Guess such service providers can only exist in a lawless, anti-consumer country like India!

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