Sigma manpower services – Cheap Fraudulent Activity

Hotel Annapurna, We were looking for a manpower supply company for a restaurant in Goa and we some how got to know about Sigma coz of their flyers and ads via Email. The enrollment fees was Rs 6800/- pa for candidates at any level. They asked us to send the requirement like designation, remuneration, perks, experience etc, which we did and they said they have a huge data base and they will shortlist per requirement and send the person to us. We received and email from Sigma with names and numbers of 4 candidates we called them and they said they were not interested as it was out station and also that one of them agreed only if we give him advance of Rs 20, 000/-. We refused and called Sigma back and they became reluctant after the call where we showed our dissatisfaction and also asked for termination of the contract. After that it was only calls from our end nothing materialized. I personally visited their office on Sept/17/2013 and they gave me an in writing and via email that the refund will take place by the end of the month. Again the same story when ever they answer the phone they are so aggressive coz it looked like the money was borrowed by my firm. Again a month passed and today I receive a cheque from them for an amount of Rs 2000/- and that to the check is torn from the side of signature. I called them and the so called manager told me that he is nothing to do with this amount as it is decided by the accounts department (all this while on calls he used to tell me that he is the one to send the check and not to call the branch). And as usual he said he is in a meeting will call back and disconnected. This has been the ongoing game from day 5. Names of the Fraudulent: 1) Roy Phillip (Amazing marketing Skills and good English, knows very well how to play with words) 2) Dinesh Kedare the so called Manager ( does not even know to frame a single sentence grammatically correct) 3) Dinesh (not aware about his last name, so passive that he just don’t want to listen to anything else that what he says) 4) Last but not the least in the list Rajesh Nair ( was told to me he is the MD and he has to take the decision for refund and was out of country for nearly two months) when I happened to speak to him he said he will take care and after that he followed the policy of his company, i.e not to attend the call.

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