– duplicate watch

Reported By: Fatima

Contact information: Delhi

I placed an order for fossil watch from the website but the website has delivered me a duplicate watch which is a local watch. I ordered original watch based on the photo that the website is displaying but the quality of watch delivered is terrible. This is a scam that nowadays websites are doing, by displaying something else and sending something else. This is fraud been done to the innocent customers like me who trust these type of websites. Concerned authorities must look into the issue and reslove at the earliest.

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  1. Hi All,

    Sign2shop is a fraud website which will send you an sms and will tell you that if you purchase any one of the product under deal of the day from their website and you will entitled with a free gift of iPhone x, a Sony LED TV or, a laptop all the 3 items are of more than worth of 1 lakh. Then they will ask you to just order one of the product under deal of the day and then in 24 hours you will recieve a call from the gift department which will tell you how to recieve your gift and in this call you will get to know that you will have to make another payment towards tax for the product which will also be fake. The best part is they will not return you money which you have already paid even if you cancel the gift and you will never get your product delivered. And trust me if you call them again you will never be able to contact as the person whom you spoke will not be there in office and this msg will be conveyed by one of their colleagues. The person whom I have spoke to is ASHISH and Rashmi. They will fool you like hell and I am one of them.

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