Sign2Shop Website – Paid Amount Not Refunded

Reported By: Sandeep Dhurve

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Sign2Shop Website Betul

sign 2 shop is a fraud website which will send you an sms and will tell you thad if you purchase any one of the product under deal of the day from their website and yo will entitled with a free gift of sony led tv iphone x & leptop all the tree items are of more than worth of 1 lakh then they will ask you to just order one of the product under deal of the day & then in 24 hours you will recieve a call from the gift department which will twll you whow to recieve your gift and in this call you will get to know that you will have to make another payment toward tax for the product which will also be fake.the best part is they will not return your money which you have already paid even if you cancel the gift and you will never get your product delivered and trust me if you call them again you will never be able to contect as the person whom you spoke will not be there in office and this massage will be conveyed by one of their colleagues.the person whom i have spoke to is ashish and rashmi,they will fool you like hell and a am of them.i am total 40000 rs invest for sign 2 shop website.

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  1. Even I got a call from them telling me the exact those 3 gift offers. They are fake, indeed. I got a call from Shriya. Thank you for sharing and creating awareness. I’m dropping a fake email as I feel very insecure.

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