SLG IT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD – froud company

hello i am shaikh slg it solutions pvt ltd is biggest froud companyin south .they are two brothers basically operating one is uk also hi staying uk illegally one is karimnagar (hyderbad) they allready done 20,00,000 rs scam in the market . they invite me come to hyderbad and help us to start our slg it solutions pvt ltd ,but after that try trapped me and know they just blackmailing me , i have own centre they working for me punjab ,banglore , pune ,goa, ahamdabad , hyderbad ,suppose any body want verify almost welcome ,why i am postining this post protect my self

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  1. Hello Asif
    1> First Learn english and type.
    2> Where is your company centers located and company name please. Can you show any legal documents.
    3> you have not only cheated me, you cheated one of your close friend @@@@. He also complained on you. Do you forget that, there 4 police complaints on your BPO fraud. Why don’t you face them and solve. Why you are in underground.
    4> Why did you tell your CEO of one of pune company and created fake documents.
    5> Can you show me the proofs, that i cheated 20Lak rupees anybody. I can you the proofs, that your a cheated. I already submitted to police all your mails, call recording.
    6> Why still pretending, you parents already knows about your fraud.
    7> Can you send any address of your own center. People will verify.
    8> Final stage, police already in finding you.