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fraud against rajashree kamble

mrs rajashree kamble is in touch with navale she is playing blame game with me to avoid naresh and harvinder who are owners of the company , working somewhere is not a crime, i did a duty for salary and all guys incliding me ,, u have invested with thier own motive of selfishness , to earn more money , it was everybody self decision to invest , m not god to judge everything , everybody has decided themself that they want to invest or not , and people like rajashree who are more selfish and greedy for money has also introduced new clients to navale but that doesnt mean employees are at fault , navle and harvinder had money they ran away with money , and we people are chasing them , kindly refrain using my name anywhere or else i have put character harresement case against rajshree who himself met navale many times and spoke about commision part . even i have put letter to commsioner gainst this crime so just use your brain rajshree and stop harressing me or i have to put complain against you, everybody have meet navle before taking any decision so better just excuse me for all this crap . and m in also very sure rajashree is in touch with navale as she is playing blame game on me so that people focus on me and not navale , m also investor like u all , so better take action against them (navale and harvinder) who suddenly disappeared i m with u all clients support only .

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  1. Rajashree kamble

    Also in eow many ppl took ur name in this scam. Nobody complain against me as u know very well i was investor not a employee like u. My bro got cheated by some other conpany ‘Majestic Associates’. N Nikita was employee of that company . then she gave reference abt navale. That is why she is involving our name. There are many complaint abt that company too n her name is also involved in this. Bring in front of me a single person who can say i suggested them to invest with navale. U cant. But many r there who can take ur name in this

  2. Rajashree kamble

    Yes ms. Nikita definitely u can make complaint. I want u to come in picture. We have not kept mobile off or chamged number like u navale n harivinder. N u made samething with in other company. We have all ur recordings. So go ahead. There are many complaint against u from mobile network provider as u have cheated n didnt pay mobile bills and u used my documents thats why i m getting calls from them . so come even i want to see u too.