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Reported By: shweta prakash

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I have two complains for purchases made by me from Snap deal for Rs 3272/-.
Dear Sir,

The HP pen drive V228G , 32GB was delivered by one Mr Jayesh Bamgude on 21.10.17. Since I had gone out of station I just opened the pen drive and tried to use it yesterday and found it was not working. On checking with several computer shops why it is not working they told it is a pirated one. I am attaching herewith the invoice. I did not expect a pirated/duplicate item from snap deal. I know its past yr return/replacement date but Please have it replaced since its a pirated or duplicate one which yu can yourself have it checked.

Thanks n regards
Prakash Warrier

Dear Sir,

I had ordered a 1kg Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein powder from Snap deal which was delivered to me on 24th Oct 17. The person who delivered just gave the box and left, the box was torn on top. When I opened the box the powder was all over the place on the box and the carton. The Amway box inside was partially opened and maybe about 200 gms of powder has been removed. No bill on it. I have written to Amway to replace the Protein powder with a fresh one. They have sent their person to collect back the box but I had asked for a replacement which they did not do so. If I return it the payment made by me with a credit card will take a long time for a refund. That is the reason I asked for a fresh replacement by which I am able to use the powder. The person who called me fm snap deal i told him to replace it or send me and email saying refund the powder and the amount will be credited back to my account. He rudely refused and said we will collect the powder but about the refund he cannot say anything or email me. Just wanted to bring to yr attention this matter and if any help can be done from yr side fr a replacement. Is there any chances of expired product being mixed with this powder by the supplier. That is why I kept as it is not using it.

Thanks n regards
Prakash Warrier

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  1. Dear Shweta,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. We care about your grievance and would request you to share your concern in detail along with your order ID, complaint no. and contact information with us at [email protected] so that we may assist you.

    Team Snapdeal