Snapdeal – Penalize for fraud

Hello Sir/Madam,

I made an online purchase on Snapdeal
Order No. : 1094967577 Order Placed On : 2013-07-06 21:17:15

for an amount of Rs 1369/-. The order was cancelled by the Snapdeal team as they could not arrange the stock in time. After that the amount was not refunded to me even after two months. When i contacted them regarding this they say the amount was refunded and they have nothing to do. They even asked for the snapshot of my bank account for which i promptly send it to them for their reference. The transaction did not take place as known to me when i contacted my bank regarding it.
I mailed to the customer care a hundred times and they were like the refund was made and we do not know why it did not happen, check with your bank by some false reference number.
After repeated reminder and pleading there is no proper response from the concerned department. The mental tension caused to me is unfathomable. I suffered losses in all aspects financially and emotionally. I request you to please penalize Snapdeal and make them refund my amount along with the compensation for the pain and misery given to me for the deplorable service.Please save the customers from this kind of fraudulent business.

17-1-388/6/304, Sai Residency,
Laxmi Nagar, Saidabad,

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