snapdeal – Purchased this product(I Grasp 32L31F 81 cm (32) Full HD LED Television

Purchased this product(I Grasp 32L31F 81 cm (32) Full HD LED Television) from the company’s website as snapdeal was not delivering it to my location. it was Dewali when i purchased this tv but now i am willing over the day when i decided to go with this band. Just like many other companies they also promise to give you a good service but its a fake tall claim and after 2 weeks of purchase i discovered one of the usb as nonfunctional and contact the company but all in vain .
After opening the box i was surprised to see the quality of the tv as it was very very cheap . There was no branding on the tv except for someone removable stickers which got off after some days of use. So you can say that it’s a unbranded generic tv . The sound of the speakers is also below average
Now coming to the picture quality- it is same as many other cheaper tv in the market. this tv stands nowhere in front of the different brands like samsung, LG. I also doubt the claim of the company that it is a full hdtv because on changing the resolution to 1080p on my laptop which was connected to the led the tv popped a message that it is unsupported. same was the case when i change the frequency from 60 hertz to 100 hertz. many basic features which you find anywhere, are missing in tv- like on changing the audio stream of a dual audio movie tv does not respond simply you cannot change the audio when you are watching movies on usb pen drive. And fuel over the fire is when i contacted the sales manager of the company mr gaurav gulati he talked to me as if i was a beggerr and told me not to bother him as he is very very busy.
Purchasing a product from such a brand is like wasting your money so you guys whatever has happened with me i will not let it happen with you guys so it’s my sincere advice not to go with this brand in any case as i have already said that you will get what you pay. that’s all

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