Sobha Developers – Did not Receive Token Amount after 60 days

Reported By: Shruti Shreya

Contact information:
Sobha Developers

I had booked a unit B1-2151 under sobha sentosa on 19th November 2022 and had paid token advance of rs 1, 00000.

The crm convinced me that i can pay a small portion of booking fee and in case i change my mind, it would be fully refundable. The flat cost was approx. 1.52 crores.

Due to financial constraint and after discussion with bank, very next day and confirmed to the crm that we were not able to go for the property and we needed the refund. From then until now, we have been told that will get the check today or tommorow and giving random exceuses. The crm is now not refunding the money. They were just killing our time by giving silly excuses. First they said, i should have come back after 45 days. they said they are processing the refund. After that, said taking time from finance team.

It’s very disappointing that such a reputed builder like shoba is begun cheating customers as well. At the time of first time visit, they convinced me to buy this apartment and pay the small fee and said, “in case i change my mind, they will refund”. Never should one believe builders. Request assistance on this please.


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