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Reported By: Sanjib Dey

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Dear Sir / Madam,

I wrote a letter to about the fraud company who chit my money of Rs. 6588/- till they are not given me. They ask me the address of mine and sorry to everyone and should be wrote to everyone that Softpayz is a good company and their Lawyer Head and the Company Support Head told me like this. I called them about this matter the man who pick up the phone ” He constantly use a slang language and every time he told with “Behkub” me. He told me also you should wrote me ” I am a cheap man” and also warn me. If you don’t give the address you forget the money and last of all they told me they will not given the said money to me. From the 1st day they were harazzing me which I told earlier.
Sir I told them when I gave you money through online you received that and my ID and Password shown Rs. “0”. Then they asked me send more 6000/- money to them. I did that but why now they can send me the money through IMPS / NEFT. Now they told me its a policy matter to send the address of mine then he send the cheque, If they got the money of Rs. 1500.00 + 6000.00 which I send him. How can I believe them their cheque is correct or not it may be bounced. The main thing is that you can’t see their website you can’t get any address of the company. So its proved the company is fraud. I send you the full site of them but there only contact number but no address is given so, its proved once again the company is fraud.
So, I therefore, request you Sir, please verify what am I write it is write or wrong, If am I write anything wrong then you can punished me whatever you like. I am a poor man I borrow that money from my friend but till now I can’t refund him. In this situation what can I do I don’t know at that moment I have totally mentally disturb and upset. Please co-operate with me about the said matter. I went to the my Local P.S and G.D the officer my application to the Cyber Crime P.S for taken action. I again also request you sir please do the needful as early as possible.
Thanks with regards,

Yours sincerely,

Sanjib Kumar Dey
73, Bidhan Sarani
Kolkata – 6
Mobile 9681344346

Encl : All related documents are attached with this application

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