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Reported By: Sanjib

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The company provides mobile recharge distributorship, master distributorship, retailer. But they are insists to give commission @ Rs. 4.5. This is the way to trap. They ask you that you pay just only Rs. 1500.00 for distributorship and you can see your wallet and use it. When you give them 1500.00. They start to stop relation with you. When you call them they start their own policy. They tell you please be patience. When you ask them about 1500.00. Now the drama will started. They tell you give more 6000.00 then your ID is created. If you trap and send again Rs. 6000.00. They send you a massage one ID & Password. Now you think they are very gentle man. Now you start to process to use your ID & Password. You search from one side to other side but you can’t see your sending money of Rs.7500.00. You can see only 1000.00 Rs in your wallet. Then you call them they reply yes it is very simple when you finish your 1000.00 rupees then automatically the bulk amount shown your wallet. You trust them and when you finish your 1000.00 rupees but your rest amount of Rs.6500.00 not shown in your wallet. You call them and they told you be patience it will take time we try. They harrasse you 3-4 hours like this way and after that they not received your phone. You next morning again call them and some of them told you that first you join 25 retailer then you can get your your money in your wallet. I ask you what do you think at that time about them. Then you call again an again but they cut your phone or block your number. Now if you want to realise the money which you are given. You mail to the company but you can’t get any reply from them.
So friends I do everything and till I want to see what they can do and what I can do against them. They threaten by the lawyer, some of the people those who are use slang language, fear about jail, court etc. But they can’t stop me because they don’t know where am I reach the case and stopped them to fraud and chit with anyone. I make them bound to spent amount what they are taken amount from the poor people. I believe that justice is going with truth and also law is going on his own way nobody can purchase.
So friends those who are chitted from the company please comment me and those who are going to want business “Beware the Blacklisted company”.
Thanks all of them who read with carefully.
God can’t forgive them who are fraud , lier, chitter.

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