Softpayz – Again They Use Slang Language And Take Decision To Not Refund The Money

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Reported By: Sanjib

Contact information:

Softpayz replied me :
Very good mr sanjib this is totally ridiculous and cheap thing which you are doing again and again this is our full and final dicision that we will never refund your amount bcoz you are a bloody blackmailer and a cheap person.

We have never called you and asked for your card details we have all the proofs and also our call details are ready to check.

So don’t wait for money I am telling you that we will never give your amouny.

So do whatever you can.


I replied him but they are not wrote their name and address I don’t no why ?

Respected Sir,
You are every time used slang language. I don’t no is it your habit or fraud profession.
Again you told me that I blackmail you but your language and what you mail me it’s proved that your company is totally fraud named “Softpayz”. Your taken decision that you are not given me refund my money. This way you fraud the so many people. You take decision not given me refund money but you are answerable to whom you are frauded more and more money.
Now your language and decides bring you one of the fraudests company named “softpayz”.
My brother think one thing I have already every documents against you and that will easy to prove you fraud.
When you talk with anyone don’t use the slang language otherwise in future this is coming as bumarang against you.
You replied very well and every one knows about you to whom you Cc the mail.
I don’t want to use anything wrong. I don’t blackmail to you from first day to take my money but I didn’t use it.
Earlier I told everything. I don’t want to repeat again.
You use anything about myself but I again request you please refund the money of Rs. 6588/-. I think it is not a take so long time.

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