Sona water solutis – Harrassment and failure to comply by their AMC

We got the AMC with Sona water solutis on 4th Feb 2016 for our water purifier by paying INR 3420/-. On 26th Feb, the purifier stopped working suddenly. I did not get a rwpinse when I called them on the 26th. I called back in 27th morning at 10:30am about the problem Alo informed that we were completely out of drinking water at home and the lady who answered the phone said she would send someone immediately. I had to call back by 2pm as I did not hear any updates from them. The same lady informed that she would make sure someone was here by 5pm. I called back at 5:30pm since the was no visit from a technician yet. At this point she gave me some number and told me to coordinate with the technician available at that number – on calling, that person informed that he was fine for the day and didn’t know about why his number was given. I called back the company and the same lady complained that I was not being patient and hung up the phone. I kept calling back helplessly as I had no drinking water and needed the purifier to be fixed but she just kept cutting calls from me….I tried calling them for 30 mins continuously. When they needed their AMC, they came home and took the money by making false promises and out me through such mental and physical trauma today by not addressing my problem and leaving me high n dry with out a single drop of water at home….and had the attitude not to answer my calls.Shame on such cheaters!!

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