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Reported By: Node

Contact information:

State bank of India
Name:Manoj Kumar devisetty

WhatsApp No. ‪+1 (580) 263-7799‬

The Person(Manoj Kumar Devisetty) has published ads for selling electronic products and camera for cheaper price from USA. He claims he has a firm and sends the product from USA.
Modus Operandi starts chatting on watsapp(from +1 (580) 263-7799‬) once you have shown interest to buy the product he has published in various sites. Initially he will ask you do a partial payment so that he can do the shipment. Once you have made the payment he will go and tell I checked with my CEO and you need to pay some more amount and send your passport photo so that he can make the Custom badge.

My request to you please(2) don’t fall for this online fraudster and loose your money.

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