Sotc Travels – harassment faced by sotc agents for cancellation of a trip – minimum refund amount according to your own policy not being processed

Reported By: BaRT1986

Contact information:
Sotc Travels

I had made a booking for Thailand surprise tour with SOTC for March 2nd, 2020 departure (GS[protected] and now due to the coronavirus, I had decided against the trip.
I understand that this is not in the control of SOTC and decided to take the hit of the charges that they collect in the event of the cancellation. They had the audacity to tell me that my and my better half will be fine and nothing will happen to us.

Now when I requested the cancellation, the 10000 that was to be refunded(according to the documents they made me sign that is the minimum amount that I should receive against the booking amount of 40000) they are flat out refusing to refund me any money.

I am at my wit’s end, they made me sign a document stating how much I will receive back in the event of a cancellation and they are refusing to honor it.

They made me write back an email stating that I don’t want the cancellation any more and they are telling me to wait and see if the Coronavirus global epidemic will subside and I can they pay the rest of the amount and avail the tour.

Is this SOTC operates its business to lie to its customers and collect money and not process any refunds when you are supposed to?

Looking forward to your response.

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