SPANCO BPO services limited Kolkata – 2.5 Months salary not paid

Hi, I Neeraj Kumar Singh is one of the oldest employ of Spanco kolkata location have not paid for 2.5 month after halft salary credited for July, 2013. Company closed all their operations without any notice. This much salary matters a lot for a person belong to middle class. would reqiest to look into this for a proper solution. Regards:- Neeraj Singh AM-Operations Emp ID-SBKU 00053

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  1. Yes! We are not getting salary as well as we are not getting F & F amount…… Its not 2.5 month its more than 3 month…. Pradip Sharma (SBKU 02746)

  2. subharansu sahu

    iam also a employ of spanco(kolkata unit) ,also iam not got my sealeary yet.Plese be needful to us.SBKU06760