SPECTRUM MIGRATION SERVICES LIMITED – Fake immigration – VISA processing job

Dear Sir,

I got a job post in Expatriates.com from Mr Vjay Karunathi (Contact no: +94 775 234 574) who belongs to Srilanka.

After contacting, he explained me all the details on VISA- IMMIGRATION consultant services naming his Organization as: SPECTRUM MIGRATION SERVICES LIMITED which is FULLY OWNED SUBCIDIARY OF SPECTRUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED, Corporate Office: 217 , East Coast Road , Campbell’s Bay , Auckland 0620 , New Zealand.

Also after an interview through Skype he explained my job role : interviewing candidates from India who are interested to travel overseas for jobs. But later on I got to know it involves collecting money from them – more than 1 Lacs and then they will process the VISA.He sent some candidate profiles from India and asked me to interview them but at the same time asked to collect 1.5 Lacs from them and deposit the amount to him. I took the interview but I denied to collect any kind of money from the candidates as I did not wanted to take the responsibilities for fake matters later in future.Also, he sent me job offer letter where all the details and annual remunaration was specified. He asked me the passport copy and bank account number.At first he was sending the profiles and I was taking the interviews. But when I saw for each candidates he is asking huge money to deposit. So I asked for his authentication. Then he stopped responding and replying to mails.
Mail ids are: go2uk@outlook.com and go2aussie@outlook.com
There was lots of time and money waste in dealing with this fake person. He sends job offer letter and commit to pay salary but take money from the candidates promising them to process their visa. This guy is a great cheater and when I told would compain if it is fake, he challenged saying India Cyber crime can do nothing to him.
Please take action on this person and trace this guy through GPS as I had talked with him in the given number 4 to 5 times. I wish he wont be able to cheat with the candidates who dream and struggle to find a job in overseas.

Please mail me if you require any further details.


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  1. Dear Mohit,

    If your claim found to be true, here come more details about the same.
    Probably you have got it wrong and though the caller is from Sri Lanka but the scam ring is based in Northern India.

    They have recently ran similar scams using many voip lines, sim boxes.

    Foreign placement is just a one business for the people behind this ring.

    Other businesses would be;

    Caller card businesses, OSP businesses, tele marketing businesses.

    They will show you nice profits, will ask you to buy/invest on infrastructure, will use it to get loans or dial out to perform their miss call scam else to allow their clients from overseas to run various propaganda activities and will vanish without a trace by leaving millions of losses to you.

    Its running by three individuals from Ooty, Uttrakand and Delhi.

    Said number found to be a prepaid and probably get re-assigned to another party soon.

    Or else these guys are using a stolen or lost card to fake their real identities.