Spice Jet Airlines — Reply to bad inflight exoerience and rude behaviour of the flight staff

Spice jet,

We r not happy with ur explanation. Even I know that much…ur explanation seems to be just a eyewash for the sake of giving some reply.

How do u expect a flight full of passengers in the hot sun at 40degree temperature in d afternoon held in d flight with all doors closed for one hour and infact more than that can just excuse u with a lame explanation of ur irresponsibility and lack of effective management???

As a doctor from apollo Hospitals, I can lodge a attempt to health hazard and life threat caused due to stuffed aircraft with load of passengers and all doors closed with no ventilation for one hour which can cause severe damages and even death of the sick and weak heart passengers due to co2 accumulation.

If that is so, u please board one of ur ATR flight with all ur staff ‎without ac and all doors closed and stay calm for one hour in d hot sun tomorrow afternoon, experience the comfort of it…then I will accept ur explanation.

We r not travelling in d flight to get wet with sweat n become stinky, ladies losing their makeup and men looking like as if they have travelled in a rural share auto. That is the experience ur flight had given us.

I expect you to make personal contact with all the passengers on the flight that day… say sorry to each n every passenger take their feed back and apologise..specially from ur captain and air hostess on that particular flight for their rude and unprofessional behaviour.

If appropriate action is not taken, I will definitely take it to next level.

Business with quality service should be the motto… not as “phas Gaya ‎bichara, ab marzi manmaani hamara!

Unfortunate spice jet traveller.

Dear Sir,


This is with reference to the trailing mail regarding flight disruption.

At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to your good self in this regard.

Please be informed that in air transport sector flights are rescheduled, cancelled, delayed, and diverted to other fields due to operational reasons and regulatory directions. They accordingly form a part of its terms of carriage. SpiceJet will make all reasonable efforts to ensure timely operations of its scheduled flights. However, due to unforeseen circumstances causing a delay or cancellation of its scheduled operations. Kindly be informed that flight in vide PNR was delayed due to operational reason.

Kindly be informed that air conditioning is more effective as soon as the aircraft reaches height and cruises as the temperature starts getting lower however your feedback has been noted.

Notwithstanding this experience, we hope that you will give us a chance to serve you again on board.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Thanks & Regards,
Baljeet Singh,
Senior Executive-Customer Experience, SpiceJet Ltd

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