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Reported By: Rajish Ramesh

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

DNATA airport /Spicejet Airlines Team,

I am Rajish Ramesh working in Dubai Municipality Dubai central lab.
My wife parents Mr. Suresh Krishnan and Mrs. Sarada Suresh Travelled in Spicejet airlines from Dubai to Cochin on 24-10-2017.(3 am Flight)
Their PNR numbers is FF9CFE .
Both of them are govt retired senior citizen and 62 plus age.
The check in baggage allowed for them was 60 kg and cabin baggage 7 kg each.
We checked the baggage weight in one of reputed cargo company in Sharjah and confirmed that check in baggage is 60.8kg and hand baggage’s were 7. 2 and 7. 6 kg each.
The Excess baggage we are having we send trough air cargo on same day. The receipt is attached for your information. Even though I double checked the baggage weight in my central lab calibrated weighing Machine to avoid any complications in airport .
At the time of checking in their main baggage was 61kg . boarding pass issued without any trouble.
Since they were not aware that the cabin baggage allowed is 7 kg including duty free shopping they purchased two bottle of alcohol from the airport.
Please notice the departure time is 3 am early morning and exactly 10 to 15 min before departure time your staff started checking the weight of cabin baggage and found their baggage is above 7 kg.
Immediately Mr. Suresh Krishnan rushed into the duty free and returned the Item and came back to the departure gate.
But at the time without considering the travelers age your ground staff behaved so arrogantly and make them nervous and put them mentally down.
(Please note that both of them are aged people and suffering with high blood pressure and blood sugar)
Your staff informed them that still the baggage is above 2 kg and forced them to trough some of their items in the hand bag in your staffs interested designated area. (Which make an impression that the staff wanted to take the extra items )
My father refused to trough the items that time your staff forced him to pay 120aed and informed him if not ready to pay they will offload them from the flight without considering their age, physical status and time your staff behaved very arrogantly and terribly.
The time was early morning 3. 20am and they are very old and throughout these entire time your staff behavior make them nervous, panic to put mentally and physically down.
They become very Panic because in their life first time they are facing this kind of bad situation.
They were on visit visa and they travelled on their second last day of expiring the visit visa. So they paid the amount.
I am Informing you that their baggage never come above the allowed weight because I double checked the baggage in a calibrated weighing machine.
Since I am working in accredited govt laboratory I suspect Either your machine was not calibrated and wrongly showing 1kg extra or your staff intentionally make such bad situation to force peoples to trough the items in their area.
I shared this situation with some of my friends came to know that most of them faced such bad behavior from your ground staff in cabin checking counter. Now they are avoiding to use Spicejet airlines for their travel.
If you want I can share my friends Mobile number and Address for verification.

My parents never carry any excess baggage and I am attaching the cargo Receipt Their boarding pass and their receipt of excess baggage with this mail.

I am requesting you the clarification for the following
1)Whether your weighing machine is calibrated in accredited lab.
2)In the excess baggage receipt why they didn’t mention the total weight of baggage and passenger information properly (since they are two passengers allowed cabin baggage was 7 kg each)
3) Why they are forcing people to trough their items into the staffs designated area.
4)Who gave your staff the permission to behave such bad manner to the passengers to make them mentally and physically down without considering the age and time of flight.
5)Why staff started checking baggage just 10 min before departure If cabin baggage is strictly monitoring by Spicejet, you can start weighing at least 30 to 45 min before departure to avoid any delay.


I hope You will investigate and give a favorable action and reply for this mail.
Thanking you
Rajish Ramesh

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