Spidigo – broadband connection

spidigo taking cheque of full amount but not providing connection

I am Hitendra (Mobile +919327054489) having complain against SpidiGo for broadband connection. I had given cheque to Mr Anoopsingh (M) 7819813553 of Spidigo on 21.9.2013 after talking with his senior Ajay Gupta (M) 7819817722. As pe him we need to pay full amount of Rs 4550/- for 30GB, 20 Month plan + Rs 1650/- for Router, so I had given full amount cheque of Rs 6200/-.
I was told that the connection will be established within next 2-3 days. I reminded at least 20 times then after but every time I got different commitments from different people including those two mentioned earlier.

Till now, after 20 days, neighter connection is established nor cheque has been refunded.

Can u help me ?

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