Sportzlive – Late delivery of car, car not clean and misbehave from the driver

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Posted On: 27/09/2016
Reported By: kanik yadav

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Dear Team Zoom Car
We are your first time users and quite frankly the first impression is the last impression. First things first; if you don’t want to pick your customer care number 08826116989 then please discontinue it. Its sad that in this digital world of service industry, there is no way a customer can reach you. The IVR number 60009666 is more than pathetic with no help.
Now coming to the booking, if you think that all customers are fools then we pity your thinking. The car is booked for a fixed time with a starting time and end time. The scheduled delivery of vehicle should have happened at 10.00 am which was scheduled time of delivery. The car is delivered at 10.45 am and the delivery guy instead of apologizing, gives a statement “ I can’t help it”.
Condition of the car is even more questionable. The seats, mats, dashboard, outer body is all covered in dust and mud. If this is what is called services, then I’m very sorry but we would not like to use the services ever again. Again the delivery boy bluntly answers “ this is not my job”. Is this way you treat your customers. The car was hired for my MD and he has to take a cab to go for the meeting just because ZOOMCAR was not on time.
Very very bad services. Shame!

Kanik Yadav
Manager Sales
Sportz & Live Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Sector 29
Gurgaon – 122 002
+91 9899525697

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