Spryness Immigration Services – Fraud company not refunding my money

Reported By: Majid Imran Mohammed

Contact information:
Spryness Immigration Services

Me and my friend’s total 4 members have enrolled them 2 years before for Germany visa But they didn’t provided, we have requested for the refund since 1 years they are making us fool by not replying us .Till June 2023 Mr. Deepak case manager promised me to refund my money but since July he is not lifting my call not reply my messages.
Spryness is big fraud company. They are expert in looting people hard earned money ,they take money from us do business outside and will say not possible to get visa .This is their formula to cheat people.
This is my WhatsApp number you can contact me i have full proofs against Deepak and spryness.
+966538725480 , +974 6607 3986 , 974 3359 7769 , +974 3142 4252
Email:[email protected]


How to file a complaint against Spryness Immigration Services?

* Go to page
* Write Spryness Immigration Services in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Spryness Immigration Services.

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  1. My name is Franklin.
    I too have been cheated by Spryness Immigration for issuing German visa stating that no language is required and would be able to land there with work visa and that our family too can start with us.

    The lady named Chahat was the one who contacted me and informed about this option and guarenteed that in any case of failure to issue, only a small portion would be deducted and almost 95% would be refunded.

    They then changed the plan saying going directly to germany is not possible and you have to move through poland. All these are moving bit by bit after tons of calls and reminders. At the end when I reached my maximum wait period of around 2 years I asked them for a refund. They then replied all the money has been expended and nothing can be refunded.

    They will loot your money. Beware!!!

    Anyone wanted to know more can contact me at email for any proofs of the same – [email protected], Whatsapp – +968 9147 9043.